Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Company party with beauty gifts for the ladies

My husband works for a norwegian company and every year in January they organize a fancy party. We are treated to music, entertainment, good food, a hotel stay, and my favorite part: every lady gets a gift with beauty products! Yay!

It's called "Damegave" in norwegian, and basically means "gift for the ladies". The company is traditionally male dominated and somewhere a long the line in the company history someone came up with the idea of giving the wives a gift as a way of saying thank you for letting us borrow your husbands so much. Cute! :)

This year's gift was a hand cream and a lip balm from Decleor. Lovely!

I also want to treat you to some pictures of us at the party. 

My husband and I in our hotel room before the party.

My outfit.


At 24 weeks pregnant I'm getting huge!! 

The party was at the Quality hotel in Fredrikstad, January 10th.

I bought a pair of new shoes from Roots Exclusive for this occasion. I had to buy them one size larger than my normal size since my feet are so swollen from the pregnancy. Aren't they gorgeous?!

I bought them on sale at Eurosko for 620 SEK, which is about € 66 / £ 55 / $ 90.

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