Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Illamasqua blush Lover

I have no idea why I haven't done this review before, because I should have. I won a giveaway a few months ago by the very lovely Delyteful Speaks. One of the products I won was the Illamasqua blush Lover. Oooh myyy goood that is a lovely blush!! At first I thought it was really nice and I liked it immediately. But the more I used it I discovered even more benefits and realized that it's not only good - it's amazing! It quickly made its way to one of my favorite products ever.

It's very pigmented and it's buildable - but although that's very good in itself, it's not the best part. It turns into such a fine powder when you sweep your brush through it, and they way that makes it sit on the skin is just amazing. It evens out your skin and makes it appear smooth and soft.

As you can see I really love this blush - and I haven't even talked about the colour yet! But let's do... Illamasqua Lover must be the perfect peach colour for a blush. I can't say it better than that. I use it myself frequently and I've used it on several clients. It seems like a colour that will suit most skin tones. 

I should also mention that it's a matte blush in case you were wondering.

I know the pictues are terrible... sorry about that. But I've used the blush in several tutorials on YT, so if you're curious go check out my channel.

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