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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer vs. MAC Select Cover Up

(Svenska längre ner)

I really, really like MAC. It's a very good brand with a lot of really nice products. Now they have a new concealer called Pro Longwear and since I like the Select Cover Up, but have a few issues with it I thought I'd try the new one. I use the shade NW20.

The MAC Pro Longwear Concealer has a thin consistency, but with quite good coverage. It sets dry which prevents it to crease and "move around". You have to work quite quickly with it before it sets, but that's not really a problem. You just focus on one area at a time. I set it with a powder, but that isn't necessary if you don't want to since it sets dry.

The MAC Select Cover Up has a creamier consistency than the Pro Longwear. It has quite good coverage, but a little less then the Pro Longwear. It stays a bit creamy during the day which can result in creasing if you don't set it properly. However, since I have very dry skin, setting a concealer with a powder can be a bit risky since it easily dries into the fine lines and looks old and dry. So you have to be a bit careful and not use too much.

Pro Longwear to the left and Select Cover Up to the right.

Completely rubbed in.

So which is the best? For me the Pro Longwear is the better concealer of these two. It has a better coverage, it stays on all day and it looks much more natural. Since the consistency is thinner than the Select Cover Up it becomes less noticable. And the good coverage means you don't have to use so much of it and that also makes a more natural look. I use it for the under eye area, as well as any redness or small spots. I really like it! You do have to be a bit careful if you have very dry skin like me since it sets dry. But you can get away with using this concealer if you just use a little of it. So use it sparingly and you'll be fine!

Which is your absolute favourite concealer?



Jag gillar verkligen, verkligen MAC. Det är ett väldigt bra märke med många riktigt fina produkter. De har nu en ny concealer som heter Pro Longwear och eftersom jag gillar Select Cover Up, men har några problem med den så tänkte jag att jag skulle testa den nya. Jag använder nyansen NW20.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer har en tunn konsistens, men med ganska bra täckning. Den torkar till en torr yta, vilket hindrar den från att samlas i de fina linjerna och "flyta omkring". Man måste jobba ganska snabbt innan den torkar, men det är egentligen inget problem. Man fokuserar bara på ett område i taget. Jag fixerar den med ett puder, men det behövs inte om man inte vill eftersom den ändå får en torr yta.

MAC Select Cover Up har en krämigare konsistens än Pro Longwear. Den har ganska bra täckning, men lite mindre än Pro Longwear. Den behåller krämigheten lite grann under dagen vilket kan resultera i att den samlas i de fina linjerna om man inte fixerar den ordentligt. Men däremot, eftersom jag har väldigt torr hy, kan det vara lite riskabelt att fixera en concealer med ett puder eftersom det lätt torkar in i de fina linjerna och ser torrt och gammalt ut. Så man får vara lite försiktig och inte använda för mycket.

Pro Longwear till vänster och Select Cover Up till höger.

Helt inarbetade.

Så vilken är bäst? För min del tycker jag att Pro Longwear är den bättre av dessa två. Den har bättre täckning, den stannar kvar hela dagen och den ser mycket mer naturlig ut. Eftersom konsistensen är tunnare än Select Cover Up blir den mindre märkbar. Och eftersom den har bra täckning behöver man inte använda så mycket av den och det ger också en mer naturlig look. Jag använder den för området under ögonen såväl som över all slags rodnader eller små plitor. Jag gillar den verkligen! Man bör vara lite försiktig om man har så torr hy som jag har eftersom den torkar till en torr yta. Men man kan komma undan med att använda den här concealern om man bara använder lite. Så använd den sparsamt och det kommer att gå bra!

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Vilken är din absoluta favoritconconcealer?


  1. You know it's sooo nice that you do a post in English and in Swedish.. I mean the effort you put into writing your posts for all you followers is truly remarkable.. I really appreciate it...

    Now about the Concealers.. I tried both of these and I share the same views on them as you.. I did like the Pro Longwear much better than the select cover up.. But I just never really found it too brightening for under my eyes.. But it's good concealer for sure.. I do find that the Studio Finish gives even more coverage tho..

    Thanks heaps for the review! =)

  2. Oh, thank you!! That’s sooo sweet of you! Now you’ve made me happy! I do put a lot of work into my blog and it’s so nice to hear that it’s appreciated. :) Although the majority of my readers are from Sweden I have readers from all over the world and I really appreciate you all!!

    My heart almost stopped this weekend when I accidently deleted my Google account and my blog was then removed too. I was so sad for all the work I put into it, and it was just gone! I felt miserable! But thank God Google could restore my account and my blog is now up and running again! Yeah!

    The Studio Finish is next on my list of concealers to try out! I’m really curious of it. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it under my eyes because of my dry skin, but I want to try it on redness and spots.

  3. oh my gosh!! I'm so glad u were able to recover it!! I love ur blog!

    Studio finish works so nicely on redness and spot but if overdone it will look a little drying.. But u should give it a go for sure


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