Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fashion this autumn/winter

I'm really happy it's summer, even though it's not as hot and sunny as I'd wish it to be. But when the autumn/winter catalogue from Ellos (a swedish mail order company) arrived today I couldn't help but longing for autumn a bit. Just a liiiittle, tiny bit. There were some great stuff in there and I thought I'd share a few of the things I liked.

I'm not a fashion geek, at all, but I still know what I like.

Look at those shoes. Soo nice! And the bracelet!

Again... look at those shoes! And I think the skirt looks really lovely too. 

I thought that "Granny Glam" was a cool concept!

Don't know what it is about ponchos, but I just love them!

And cardigans... I could just live in them all winter long. I especially like these long ones.


  1. Like the nude wedges a lot :)

  2. Haha! I didn't know what wedges was so I had to look it up! :)

  3. H&M katalogen droppade in hos mig idag.. det var lite tråkig dock =/ hittade bara en jacka och 2 koftor :/

  4. hehe ja jag har haft tur =)

    gud, det gör inget =) skriv på vilket språk du vill =)


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