Friday, March 30, 2012

Essie Mint Candy Apple and To Buy or Not To Buy

I went to my local beauty shop the other day in search of a mint coloured nail polish. You know, spring is on the way and I just wanted to perk myself up with a bright polish. I haven't tried out too many nail polishes so I consider myself quite new to these products.

But I went straight to the Essie shelf thinking it was time I gave this apparently great brand a try. I was immediately drawn to the shade Mint Candy Apple and I decided to buy it. But it was such a quick decision so I didn't feel quite ready yet. So just for fun I started looking at the shades of there spring collection, and then I saw a very pretty soft purple shade. I thought it was lovely! So I was standing there thinking if I should buy this one too, and then I saw the name: To Buy or Not To Buy. I mean, come on - then I just had to buy it! It was my thought exactly!

Left to right:
Essie Mint Candy Apple and Essie To Buy or Not To Buy. 

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Essie To Buy or Not To Buy.

I just love these nail polishes. It so much spring and they make me happy. And they are so easy to apply it's almost ridiculous. No streaking at all - the polish spreads out and makes an even surface by itself. Amazing!


  1. Instead of Mint Candy Apple, I opted for Revlon Minted which looks almost the same for half the price and I love it x

    1. Unfortunately we don't have Revlon here... :(


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