Thursday, July 12, 2012

Korres Lip Butter

A lip balm is a lip balm right…? No, think again. I think I just discovered the Rolls Royce of lip balms! Korres Lip Butter is my HG in Lip Balms from now on!

A few days ago I was standing in my local beauty shop well aware of the fact that I was really running low on my lip balm. I usually get the Elisabeth Arden lip balm when I can get it on offer (I think it's way too expensive otherwise since it doesn't last that long). I wasn’t really keen on buying it at full price so I started looking at other ones. I noticed the Korres Lip Butter and remembered I’d promised Delyteful Speaks a long time ago I’d try it. It was 129 kr at Kicks (which is about 14 Euro/£ 14/$17), which is more than I usually spend on lip balms too. I initially thought I’d either spend more and get the Elisabeth Arden one, or spend less and get a regular one. Korres seemed like somewhere in between. And they were tinted, which I usually don’t buy.

But just like that I decided to go for it and chose the shade Pomegranate. When I got home I tried it on immediately and discovered that the shade was absolutely perfect for making my lips just slightly tinted and naturally fresh looking. But that’s not even the best part. A few hours later I suddenly realized that my lips were still moisturized. In fact, it felt like I’d just put the lip balm on. That’s never happened before! Usually my lips feel moisturized just when I’ve applied the lip balm, then it quickly fades and feels just “normal” until they slowly go dry again in a few hours.

Korres Lip Butter stays on the lips so beautifully and for so long. It’s just soft and smooth and not sticky at all. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but it’s amazing! Love, love, love!!
I think I have to go back to the store and get some more shades… and some for my sisters as well!!

After writing this post a few days ago I went into another Kicks store. I love the lip butter so much I thought I’d look at the other shades and possibly get more for myself and one for my older sister (who share my love for the Elisabeth Arden one). To my surprise I found them on offer for just 39,50 kr (which is about 4 Euro/£3/$5)! So I bought another three pots! J Two more for me, Wild Rose and Jasmine, and one for my sister, Pomegranate.


  1. OMG! Total bargain for $5! I would have bought all of the scents ahahah I MUST try this too!

    BTW, did you know you had captchas on?

    1. I know - so cheap!! You can imagine how excited I got! :)

      I had no idea what captchas was, I had to google it. ;) Is it when leaving a comment? Is that bad?

  2. Amaaazing!!! I love these.. In fact I should probably use mine more often!! I'm so glad you like them!!I might get the Jasmine one for everyday.. You've tempted it me now =P


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