Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally some makeup + baby bump

I've been so ill that I've been in bed for the last three months and have hardly left the house at all. I'm bored of my bed and tv, and I miss my social life and work. During these months I've just worn makeup a couple of times and today I reached a point when I was so sick of my tired face in the mirror that I decided to put some makeup on.

Ok, so this isn't a great makeup shot, but really I just wanted to show of my baby bump! Yes, I'm having a baby! :) I've still got 21 weeks to go, but I'm getting bigger every week.

So makeup made me feel a little bit better today and I'm glad for the change. Now I'm back in bed resting… as usual.


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    1. Aaw… thanks! That's so sweet! But you should have seen me without the makeup… ;)

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    3. Haha! Yeah, that's kind of weird...! ;)


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