Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Eve

Me and my husband celebrate our wedding anniversary on NYE, which makes that day extra special for us. We had originally planned on going to Marbella in Spain because we love that place so much. We have access to a luxury apartment there, which makes me want to go there as often as possible. We had planned on going there for a few days around New Year and for another week in April.

But something happened that made us change our plans… that something is the little miracle growing in my belly. <3 I've wanted a baby for ages and are so happy about it that I don't care too much about having to cancel our two trips to Spain.

So instead we checked in at our favorite hotel in Gothenburg (Scandic Opalen) with spectacular views of the city. We went out for a delicious meal and stayed in bed the rest of the night watching fire works all around the city. The following day we saw the Hobbit at the cinema.

Here's our NYE in pictures.

 Getting ready...

The dessert was sooo good. 
Warm fried apples in cinnamon and sugar, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Yum!

Me and the love of my life. <3

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