Saturday, March 9, 2013

Officially relaunched!

It's been hard (!) work, but now, finally, my little webshop is relaunched!! I'm so, so proud of the result. I know there's room for improvements, but I did it! All by my self!!

I'm now collaborating with Payson for secure internet payment, which I'm very happy about. It'll be more secure for my customers, but for me as well. Unfortunately I've had customers who orders and then never pays, which sucks since I've allready sent the products. Hate that people can do that.

My little business suffers greatly from people not paying since I don't have the turnover to cope with any losses. I don't earn anything from my business as it is today. Everything, absolutely everything goes back into the company so that I can expand and bring in new products. If people only knew how much works goes into this I hope they'd think differently.

But I guess I should thank them really... The last two who did this was what made me feel I'd had enough. I changed webshop distributor to be able to do the necessary changes and contacted Payson to join their payment solution. And here I am. Many, many hours later and it's done.

My webshop is only for swedish buyers so this'll probably not be that interesting for most of you. But if you feel curious enough then I suggest you take a peek:

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